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Design projects for couples
2-room apartment 58 m2
For whom: a young couple
Designer: Vieru Julia

The customer had set a task to make a comfortable layout with a large amount of space for storage systems, two working areas: in the living room (where you can play the guitar, board games, do yoga or household chores) and on the loggia. Shower was placed in the first bathroom and a bath was installed in the second one, space for storing cosmetics, household chemicals and a laundry was mad. To design an ergonomic kitchen - the dining room with space for a seating area on a small sofa was a big deal.

It was also necessary to provide sound insulation on the ceiling and sound-absorbing floor coverings.

The customers chose an eclectic interior style, combining Scandinavian and modern styles - in calm light beige, gray and white colors with accents on natural shades (terracotta, wood color, stone-like tiles).
2-room apartment 58 m2
For whom: a young married couple
Designer: Yakovenko Tatiana

The customer's wish was to make the maximum number of storage systems in the apartment and create two workplaces. The house is made of paneSl, so there is no possibility for redevelopment.

The existing layout was able to accommodate a large number of wardrobes. Two workplaces were also fitted with the help of loggia insulation.
2-room apartment 68 m2
For whom: aged couple
Designer: Strokova Alfiya

The clients requested a light, modern and light interior in a combination of Scandinavian and eco styles. A mandatory wish was the presence of a bio or electric fireplace, this task was solved by designing a false wall made of gypsum plasterboard, which was finished with large-format porcelain stoneware, into which an electric fireplace will be built.
2-room apartment 59 m2
For whom: a young couple
Designer: Ustinova Anastasia

The customers asked to create a stylish apartment with designer notes, as well as to organically arrange a pylon located in the center of the apartment. At the same time, it was necessary to fit a kitchen-living room with a bar counter and a dining table into the complex-shaped room.

We solved this problem by kitchen zoning and were able not only to beat the pylon with a bar counter, but also to make it a decoration and stylish decor of the room.

3-room apartment 95.5 m2
For whom: a young married couple
Designer: Elena Pereponova

Very bright apartment with large panoramic windows and high ceilings.

The customers came with a clear understanding of the desired interior, so the work on the project was as comfortable as possible. We paid special attention to the kitchen-living room area - we developed the layout in such a way that this space took up a large area of the apartment, and in the kitchen itself we organized a spacious storage system with a large refrigerator.

The large bedroom with a corner window has turned out to be cozy due to the decoration of the wall with the headboard with plaster panels and selected lamps. In addition to thoughtful storage in the bedroom, we managed to create a separate dressing room and a laundry room.

The apartment is designed in a modern classic style - one of the best solutions for apartments with large windows.
3-room apartment 80 m2
For whom: a young married couple
Designer: Kareva Ekaterina

The customers did not have any special design requirements, but there was a special wish for the bathroom - to make a wall out of large-format marble.

The living room was planned as an area for friends meetings. We combined the bedroom with a balcony, while making a partition - we got a separate area where the spouse can work comfortably from home. Also, customers were fond of collecting Marvel figurines, which they planned to place here, on the balcony.

The office is provided more for a spouse who is studying, but it is also a shared leisure area.

The customers chose the kitchen in Provence style, with panels..

3-room apartment
2-room apartment
3-room apartment
2-room apartment
2-room apartment
2-room apartment
2-room apartment
2-room apartment
2-room apartment
2-room apartment 60 m2
For whom: Alexey and Evgeniya Pokrovy
Designer: Marina Metelkina

Alexey and Evgenia wanted to see deep color tones in their home. Both rooms had huge double windows, so enough light got inside and the dark walls looked organic.

Marina has combined these two wishes and the result is a modern, multifaceted and rich interior, combining details from modern classics and tropical motifs with rich colors.

1-room apartment 40 m2
For whom: Young couple
Designer: Anna Trifonova

Another interior that combines modern style and classic elements.

We divided the space into a kitchen and a living room, and also isolated the bedroom area with a partition with doors.

The main shades of the project are pastel and light, but to give individuality and take into account the wishes of the couple, we added blue.
2-room apartment 60 m2
For whom: Young couple
Designer: Anna Trifonova

In the interior of this apartment, we have combined modern style with classic elements in order to take into account the wishes for the interior of both sides.
Studio 35 m2
For whom: Igor and Alena
Designer: Marina Metelkina

The task was to fit separate areas of the bedroom, kitchen and living room into 35 m2 of free planning and at the same time leave a feeling of free space.

We used classic techniques: we combined the kitchen and living room, the bedroom was separated by a glass partition to create privacy, but preserve the unity of the room, and a mirror was placed in the entire wall from floor to ceiling, visually creating another room.
2-room apartment 50 m2 in loft style
For whom: Oleg and Anastasia
Designer: Irina Ostrovskaya

Oleg and Anastasia wanted to see loft style in the apartment. Domeo designer Irina played with this wish, adding reminders of travels, which customers often travel together, and the opportunity to exhibit a collection of car numbers that Oleg and Anastasia collect in different countries.

Particularly successful solution in the project was the wall hiding by a patinated mirror, which retains the spirit of the loft, but does not overload the space, as well as the combination of brutal brick and delicate porcelain birds in the bedroom decor.

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