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for singles
2-room apartment 42 m2
For whom: rental apartment for one person, preferably a man
Designer: Natalia Kruglova

Apartment in the center of Moscow, overlooking the river and the city. The view from the windows is one of the most important details for the client. The customer asked to make the interior in the loft style with the addition of bright accents. It was also important to consider anti-vandal wall coverings.

We managed win this situation with a bright leather sofa, a black refrigerator and glass partitions that emphasized the brutality of the interior. The solution for the walls was to decorate them with bricks and grey plaster - quite vandal proof coatings. The client was satisfied.
Studio 30 m2
Designer: Strokova Alfiya

Cozy studio apartment for the beloved grandmother.

The clients were a daughter and an adult grandson. The key wishes were: coziness, convenience and aesthetics of modern classics in the interior. The apartment is small, but we managed to foresee everything - a full-fledged kitchen with built-in appliances and a small dining area; a spacious living room with a corner sofa with a sleeping place; spacious dressing room at the entrance for storing all the necessary things; comfortable and spacious bathroom with shower.
2-room apartment 67 m2
For whom: a young man
Designer: Trofimova Alexandra

It was decided to keep the layout of this apartment as it was, adding only a small storage room. Calm colors and functionality are the main goals in this interior design, a bright green wall is the color accent in the apartment.
2-room apartment 42 m2
For whom: a young girl
Designer: Shabalkina Julia

The client asked for a light, functional interior with green accents, indicated a minimum budget, and the repairs began during the development of the project.

We solved the tasks with the help of paintable wallpapers, plaster panels, built-in wardrobes, a fold-out sofa and a separation of functional areas.

1-room apartment 37 m2
For whom: a young girl
Designer: Kiseleva Tatiana

It was necessary to create an interior of the apartment in the style of minimalism and Scandi, so that it would be spacious with a minimum of furniture, but at the same time we needed to use a small area functionally and provide space for storage.

We have solved this problem with built-in storage furniture. In the hallway and in the living room, there are deep built-in wardrobes installed from floor to ceiling, thereby abandoning nightstands and dressers.
1-room apartment 52 m2
For whom: a young girl
Designer: Kiseleva Tatiana

The project was ordered by a customer for a sister.

The client asked to make the apartment bright, warm and pastel with a color accent on the furniture. The sister lives abroad and she will not be able to live in this apartment permanently. Meetings with friends are planned here, but at the same time the lady will live in an apartment while she's in the city, so the space should be functional and livable.

We solved this problem by combining the premises and joining the balcony, fencing off the bathroom and the dressing room. The sleeping place is a furniture construction with shelves and a TV, if necessary, the bed can be folded back and leans on a curbstone and a pouf.
2-room apartment 52 m2
For whom: a young man
Designer: Tsurcan Christina

The design project was created for a young entrepreneur who often travels for business. The apartment must have become a cozy place for relaxation, business breaks, and comfortable sleep.

The bedroom is the most important part of the house. Since friends will not come to the customer quite often, it was decided to leave the open layout of the bedroom with a living room, but with the ability to separate them. This task was realized by a loft partition with a curtain. All other interior details clearly fulfill their functionality. There is minimum decor, maximum comfort.
1-room apartment 38.7 m2
For whom: a young woman
Designer: Kiseleva Tatiana

The customer asked to make a light apartment with warm and pastel colors, a minimum amount of furniture and functional decor. Initially, the design project was created for one person, but the customer planned not to live alone, and it became necessary to create a separate recreation area and living room.

We solved this problem with a frosted glass sliding partition with white borders, thus dividing the room into two zones. The partition consists of two parts and can be pushed in if necessary.

2-room apartment 62 m2
For whom: the future apartment for a teenager
Designer: Anastasia Pushkareva

Therefore, a non-standard design decision was made: the bathrooms were designed in the style of minimalism, the kitchen was in Scandinavian, the living room and hallway were in modern classics, and only the future bedroom of the young owner was made according to his preferences. The ergonomics of the space have been thoroughly thought out.

The main requirement of the customer was to use only high-quality, environmentally friendly and resistant finishing materials. Therefore, a floor covering is of a solid wood board, doors of solid wood, window sills of natural stone, stretch ceilings of fabric, and walls were painted.
2-room apartment 60 m2
For whom: a young guy
Designer: Suslova Julia

The client asked to create a modern minimalistic male interior with a combination for kitchen-living room - with a large sofa and a dining table. The main feature of the apartment is many windows from which beautiful view opens up.

We decided not to use fabric curtains and tulle, but to give preference to roller blinds. In the combined bathroom, competent zoning has been thought out, taking into account all the technical features of the room. A minimum of furniture, closets to the ceiling and uniform materials in all rooms have created a single space in the style of minimalism.
3-room apartment 89 m2
For whom: Elena Kondrashina
Designer: Denezhkina Christin

The customer asked for deep blue accents in individual interior items and planes, to create the most ergonomic and comfortable space, while preserving the maximum airiness and the original planning solution.

We solved this problem using light shades, visually enlarging the premises, and also added minimal adjustments to the layout.
2-room apartment 32 m2
For whom: a young girl
Designer: Andrey Sevostyanov

The client's wish was to create two full-fledged spaces - a kitchen-living room and a bedroom, and to give preference to cold shades in design, but at the same time create a cozy interior.

We used warm sandy tones as opposed to cold ones, and also added bright accents to make the small space more interesting. And light zoning with a glass partition made it possible to preserve the volume of the room, while delimiting the space.
2-room apartment 37 m2
Who's it for: a young guy
Designer: Elena Komissarova

At most we had to repair one room with an area of 21 m2.

The customer asked to partially redo the existing project of another designer, according to which repairs had already been made with errors, while it was necessary to adapt to the general style of the apartment. The main priority was the ease of use of space: a large workplace, storage organization, zoning of the sleeping area from the working area.

In the living room, it was only necessary to decorate and soundproof the wall behind the sofa. We solved this problem by selecting furniture according to individual sizes and zoning with a partition: decorative MDF panels will have the function of sound insulation.
2-room apartment 32 m2
For whom: Tatiana Korshunova
Designer: Marina Metelkina

In a compact two-room apartment, Tatiana asked to place everything necessary for a comfortable life: a lot of storage places, a recreation area and a childhood dream - a dressing table.

Marina chose delicate pearl blue colors for the apartment and used the space ergonomically.

There are enough storage areas for the hostess - wall-to-ceiling wardrobes in the bedroom, hallway and corridor, a large TV stand and a storage system in the kitchen.

And there are as many as two dressing tables: in the hallway - for quick getting to work, and in the bedroom - for evening beauty rituals.
2-room apartment 38 m2
For whom: Alisa Aksyonova
Designer: Taisiya Kozhinskaya

There was an important task in this apartment: to turn the "one-room" apartment into an apartment where the bedroom is separated from the main space, and the kitchen, on the contrary, is combined with the living room.

The problem was solved by changing the redevelopment: a comfortable wide entrance hall, a spacious kitchen-living room with an island (which is not typical for small apartments) and a small bedroom of 7.5 sq.m.

The hostess wanted a bright, contrasting interior, so there was a place in the decoration for wood, Baufloor Ultra concrete coating, and LED lighting.
3-room apartment 51 m2
For whom: Anton Petrov
Designer: Irina Ostrovskaya

In the renovation of his three-room apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows and two bathrooms, the customer wanted to use laconic and status decor.

Irina Ostrovskaya has created a calm male interior, combining wood and natural stone textures, textured plaster, art objects and laconic furniture.

The final layout ideally suited the customer's lifestyle: a comfortable study, a laconic small kitchen-living room and a cozy bedroom.
2-room apartment 41 m2
For whom: Olga Vorotnyak
Designer: Domeo

The client needed a quick and inexpensive turn an apartment in a new building into a habitable home.

We offered low budjet but memorable solutions in planning and decorating: a bar instead of a wardrobe, wall decoration with inexpensive posters and photographs, and furniture from IKEA.
Studio 20 m2 on Oktyabrsky Pole
Designer: Domeo

Studio 20 m2 on Oktyabrsky Pole
Designer: Domeo
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