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Design projects of private houses
Country house in Belyaevo

Designer: Yakovenko Tatiana

Only the first floor of a two-story country house was under development.

The task was to make the interior in the style of a modern classic, at the same time not difficult to make, as well as to place the living and dining area in a rather large, but walk-through room.

When creating an interior design, we focused on lamps, which made it possible not to overload the interior with decorative details on the walls, but to confine ourselves to moldings and high cornices. To separate the space we used rack partitions.
Townhouse 106 m2
For whom: a young family with a small child
Designer: Ustinova Anastasia

The main task was to create a light interior with a color twist and the use of natural wood shades. It was also very important to make the space not traumatic for the baby.

We solved these problems by using laconic light furniture, hidden in niches, without a lot of corners. The highlight in the design was an unusual kitchen apron, the shades of which resonate with the entire design of the house, reflecting the customers' character.

Private house in the village of Aquavilla 300 m2
For whom: a married couple with two children
Designer: Turcan Christina

The spouses who ordered the design project have their own business, the eldest daughter is studying at the university. The house itself, as well as the guest house with a sauna, were built according to an individual project.

The customers asked to make a design project in their favorite chalet style, using natural materials in the decoration. Such materials are: wild stone, beams made of aged wood, porcelain stoneware imitating natural stone, cuts of tree trunks in the decoration of the fireplace area and bar counter, as well as many decorative elements brought by the family from travels.

A spacious living room with panoramic windows of the second light of the house and a ceiling that is seven meters high is the central part of the house, its heart and a place for receiving guests and spending time with the whole family. There is also a wood-burning fireplace, lined with natural stone, and comfortable high armchairs.

Through the portal of the living room, one can see a large dining room with a kitchen, where, upon completion of the renovation, the artist will paint a decorative fresco in the style of a Norwegian village on the wall. A huge custom-made dining table was almost the main condition of the customer. One of the walls of the dining room and the bar counter are finished with the same stone as the fireplace, visually this ties together the composition of the living space.

Each family member, including the grandmother, should have a separate bedroom, made in an individual style.

Bathrooms also differ from each other in design and tasks, but they are united by the use of natural wood and marble-like porcelain stoneware in the decoration.
Guest house-bath 105 m2
For whom: a married couple with children
Designer: Turcan Christina

The clients are busy people with frequent business trips. Their main wish was not just to have a separate bathhouse, but to use it as a place for comfortable rest for the whole family - for dining on the summer terrace and comfortable accommodation in the living room equipped with a small kitchen.

We have equipped a large area, where the steam room oven goes, with comfortable seats and hangers for outerwear, as well as a place for placing firewood. The living room was designed in the style of a log house with modern laconic furniture. The combination of blue shades in textiles and bleached wood will create an atmosphere of peace, comfort and will set you up for a quality rest.

We have equipped the shower area with everything necessary for taking bath procedures. Tiles imitating natural stone in warm shades create a feeling of comfort and closeness to nature.
Designer: Madina Suyunova

In the design of the townhouse in a modern style, contrasting combinations and non-standard solutions were used: for example, the kitchen is split in two parts. One has a cooking zone, the other has a huge storage system, refrigerator, oven and a microwave.

We managed to fit a fireplace, TV and an ergonomic stairs in the living room. For the safety of younger family members, a glass partition is installed instead of a railings.
Private house with an annex
Designer: Madina Suyunova

This house was built about 20 years ago, and 6 years ago there was an extension made. The owners asked to make the living room a single one, since the extension looked unorganized.

Madina combined the extension with the main room and placed an additional seating area in it, and played the passage, in which the columns were needed, in the Mediterranean style loved by the customers.
Private house in Laikovo
Designer: DOMEO

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