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Initially, we were looking for repairs in popular companies that do typical turnkey repairs without involving the customer's time (PIK Repair, Sdelano, Quadrium, etc.).

We work a lot and live an hour's drive from the renovated apartment, and there was no desire to get involved in the renovation, we wanted to approve the project and come to pick up the keys to the finished apartment. It is important that "repair for delivery" for us did not mean "cheap repairs", it meant maximum quality, durability at a reasonable price of materials.

As a result, it turned out that the repair in all these companies has many restrictions on the scope of work, materials, time, and in general it did not seem that they were somehow motivated to pay attention to the client. And the minimum estimate they had was 1.7 million rubles for our 48 sq. m.

We began to look for other companies by acquaintances. We talked with several foremen on the recommendation of friends - we realized that everything is as usual: it's not clear how much it will cost, how much time it will take, buy materials ourselves, etc. A couple of times we faced the fact that prices were blatantly lied to us - prices who were named were 2-3 times lower than the cost of work (we think it is good), which meant one thing: the brigades wanted nothing to take an order, and when the fact of work starts to grow, they begin to refer to uneven walls and other nonsense. We sighed and decided to wait until autumn with the beginning of the renovation.

In the summer, by chance, friends who recently made repairs in 2 apartments advised Domeo.
No longer believing in miracles, we still did not expect that to do everything without our participation and how we want it will not work. Yes, and there were not many reviews on the Internet, but they believed old friends.

The start was optimistic. The measurer arrived quickly and on time, the cost estimate seemed reasonable. But these were all estimates, we wanted to plan everything exactly. But to guarantee the accuracy of the estimate, Domeo strongly recommended to make a design project (these are not just pictures with the color of the wallpaper, but detailed schemes for the demolition and construction of partitions, water and electricity distribution, a diagram of floors, walls, sockets, air conditioners with selected furniture and plumbing fixtures and flowers ).

We agreed, we did it (the designer managed to fit a dressing room even in 48 sq. M.) And Domeo clarified the estimate and signed a contract.

We met with the foreman for the first time on November 19, 2019 and yesterday (April 11, 2020) they took the keys. In total, we saw Maxim 3 times during the entire repair, the rest of the time Maxim came to the workers himself, followed everything, sent pictures to whataspp.
Also, Maxim himself calculated and purchased all the rough materials (they have everything according to the standards and technologies that were told about at the start), we ordered the final ones using the links from the design project, and the builders accepted them.
All repairs were done by one team of very cool craftsmen. Before acceptance, technical supervision from the company comes.

You can see the result in the photo before and after.

The most surprising thing for me is 100% getting into the estimate (additional to the estimate - these are our additional wishes during the repair like an aqua watchman, washing the glass from the paint from the outside and other little things). Total turnkey with all materials, works (they are less than half the cost) and plumbing - 1.4 million rubles, which is not a lot for such quality and service!

We'll turn to you again!

Thank you!
Nikita Sukhov
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Superintendent Maxim asked me to write a review, I take this opportunity to say hello to him and thank the Domeo team for our new home))

It was necessary to make major repairs in our apartment of 60 m, we bought a secondary property in February 2018 and after the previous tenants there was a quiet horror))) [...]

So let's say, it was a long journey, everyone called different prices, then almost 500,000 with furniture, then 20,000 / m only the repair itself))

As a result, they chose Domeo, because of all they sent the most detailed estimate and there was a normal price for procurement materials, there are many guarantees for the quality of work. Tk I personally was worried that they would connect water and electricity through F, and then hammer the walls again ... And I liked that Maxim was always in touch, literally at 23 you could write your own question and get an answer in 10 minutes) [ ...]

I am satisfied with the repair, everything was as planned for the project, although new ideas arose in the process, we also included them in the plan, and as a result, the repair was completed a month later than it should have been. I can't say that this is a lot of guys, in the end the volume of work also increased, we asked to change the entire balcony at the same time) But in the end it was just unbearable, they were really waiting)

And so - neat, beautiful, not that cheap, but definitely worth the money, taking into account the service and almost no hassle!) Thanks to Maxim and the whole team, we are ready to advise you to others))
Christina Sumrakova
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I bought a three-room apartment in Sokolniki. It was necessary to do: from scratch a bathroom and a toilet - to combine into one room; new tiles and underfloor heating in the kitchen, a new apron, change the headset; in the rest of the rooms, align the walls and paint the ceiling. Paul decided not to touch it yet.

It turned out a mix of capital and cosmetic work - the toilet and the bathroom were completely demolished and the pipes / sockets were moved, and in other rooms only the ceiling was painted and the walls were renewed. The first few brigades were trying to persuade everything to be altered, they say it could not be done otherwise. It pissed me off, because It looks like just a divorce for money, but I know better where and how to do it and with what gender I will live normally.

Domeos were the first to agree to do in the format that I wanted, that's why I stopped at them. And voila - everything worked out fine, great apartment)) I don't know why everyone said that you can't mix. The guys just wrapped everything with construction film and some kind of mats, smashed the walls in the bathroom and the floors in the kitchen, made new ones, and when everything was over, they removed the film and removed the mats, as a result, the floor throughout the apartment was as it was, without any traces of repair ...

As for the work itself, everything is smooth and neat, no complaints. I walk and rejoice) Maybe later I will ripen even before replacing the floor in the dressing room and repairing the balcony - I use your service again.
Elena Vishnevitskaya
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We had iur repairs done by Domeo in our new apartment. We bought a two-room apartment on the secondary housing in the complex on Zapovednaya, 18. I categorically did not like the old repair and layout, so they immediately took it with an eye to redevelopment and major repairs. According to the layout, there was a very large stupid hall at the entrance, for a long time with the designer we thought how to beat it. As a result, we expanded the bathrooms at the expense of the hall (we have 2 separate ones), made a dressing room and a niche for a closet. The hall remained sooo big, but you can't bite off the area further.

Direct repair. Pros: the designer has played the space competently, although now I think that the bathrooms could have been made even larger. A HUGE plus: they took over the redevelopment approval! And also the walls are absolutely parallel-perpendicular, the IKEA cabinet fit into the tuft-in-tuft niche, although the gap was left at a minimum (3 mm each) so that dust did not fly. There were no problems with kitchen furniture and in the bathroom either, everywhere it was 90 degrees.

Cons: the freshly hung sink somehow ended up in small cracks. We have no idea what it is and where it came from, we noticed after the arrival in bright light. Now we are clarifying the question. On the outlines, the color of the walls in the bedroom was different. I wanted a warm greenish, olive, but it turned out more like a cold green. We bought the paint, but when the workers painted a test piece of wallpaper, the color seemed different to me. We are also now communicating with the foreman, but have not yet agreed on a rework. The price seems to be average, taking into account the almost absence of hemorrhoids (not counting the two situations above) and high-quality basic finishing of the floor-wall-ceiling, I think it's worth it. I give 4 stars because of the color and shell, if they redo it for free, I can give 5.


Maria Marnichenko
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Feedback on the work of the "Domeo" company.

Completed the renovation in April 2019, lasted 1.5 months. Initially, I asked to do it as quickly as possible, an apartment for rent, every day of downtime is lost money. There are no complaints about the pace of work on the result, I came to control it on Thursdays after work, every time there were some shifts in work, while one was drying and the other was doing.

Well, actually, what more can I say - on terms without disruptions, for me this is the main thing. The quality of the finishes in the details was not particularly important, the task was to update the overall look. Here, too, there are no complaints, it turned out solidly. At the suggestion of the designer, we made a dark floor and two dark walls, put a white table and chairs to them, it looks spectacular in the photographs. I rented an apartment, I'm waiting for a return on investment from repairs))) Thank you guys, they worked their money normally.
Nikolay Spiridenkov
Nikolay Spiridenkov
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For a long time we were going to leave a review about the company Domeo, another request from our foreman Maxim prompted him to write) [...]

There were no sky-high prices for procurement materials (before that we tried another service, friends also advised me. We decided to check the estimates with the market and came across an unpleasant overestimate ... when even with a "discount" it was 15-20% more expensive than in Leroy. They refused immediately).

Here, a huge plus was that they immediately sent a detailed and HONEST estimate. And there were many guarantees specifically for the quality of work. [...]

At the beginning of the renovation, a design project was drawn up, which is very convenient, and you can imagine in your mind how it will be in the apartment. They came to the construction site a couple of times a week to clarify the progress of the work. There were no major breakdowns, the guys are very responsible - when something was delayed, they themselves wrote about it. Therefore, after the first 2-3 weeks we have already ceased to worry about what is happening there. In general, we were very pleased. The apartment turned out to be very modern, as we wanted! The repairs were delayed by 17 days in terms of time, but this did not bother us. Thanks to your team for what you are doing for people!
Christina Peshkova
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We bought a new building with finishing from the developer. When I accepted it, everything was more or less normal, and a year later, repairs began to crumble literally before our eyes. Naturally, I had to redo everything. I turned to Domeo on the advice of a colleague who had already used their services and was satisfied. I, too, was not disappointed in my choice - the renovation was done well, but first things first. The cooperation began with an acquaintance with the estimator-estimator. The estimate was drawn up really competently and in detail. The next day after the conclusion of the contract, I met the foreman Sergei. He also gave the impression of a competent specialist and subsequently did not disappoint. At first, those who were taught by the experience of finishing from the developer came to the apartment every day. The workers were probably shocked by the fact that we were constantly getting underfoot and asking many questions. But gradually they began to come less and less and in the end they were only accepting the stages of work with Vadim from the technical supervision. We are satisfied with the repair - everything was as planned according to the project for which special thanks to the designer Julia. For the money, strictly within the estimate with the calculation in stages without prepayments. The rest of the materials (dry mixes, put the measurer with a margin) were bought from us. Thank you very much for the repair and our recommendations to everyone interested in this company.
Konstantin Zhiganov
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Il preventivo di Domeo era un po' più caro delle proposte di altre aziende, ma il suo "riempimento" ci ha sorpreso - i materiali sono solo di produttori noti come Knauf, Tikkurilla, Rehau, ecc. + descrizione molto dettagliata di tutte le opere. Il contratto è anche composto con competenza - tempo e costi sono fissati + sanzioni scritte per il mancato rispetto delle scadenze. Per me, i loro preventivi e il contratto erano una sorta di garanzia che nulla è stato dimenticato e che non dovrò pagare extra. Mi è piaciuto anche il nostro project manager Stanislav che era sempre al corrente di tutto e ha supervisionato assolutamente tutto, dalla consegna del materiale alla rimozione della spazzatura. La brigata di operai cambiava alcune volte a seconda della fase del lavoro (sgrossatura, comunicazioni, finitura) e tutte le squadre erano solo slave. Sono venuto solo per ispezionare le fasi di costruzione insieme a Vadim della loro supervisione tecnica. Specialista molto competente e meticoloso - se c'erano dei difetti li ha commentati senza problemi. Il tempo di consegna e la qualità del lavoro sono stati molto buoni.Grazie mille - è piacevole collaborare con voi.
Denis Olegovich
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Good morning, everyone. I would like to share my positive emotions about the renovation of our new apartment. At the end of the summer, a turnkey major overhaul was required in a 2-room apartment. After searching and carefully analyzing the proposals, the choice fell on the company "DOMEO". My wife and I were satisfied with their choice, I will explain why: 1. The measurer Aleksey arrived the next day, we received the estimate on the spot 2. The estimate that was drawn up turned out to be a little more expensive than other companies, but the filling of it surprised us, the estimate was more detailed and calculated in more detail. It is immediately clear that the miscalculation was not treated "carelessly" 2. The contract was concluded on the spot. Since it was important to complete the renovation before the new year. Of course, they have an interesting contract number 707445787. It's horrible how they remember them, okay. 3. The foreman Dmitry arrived in 2 days, and in another 2 days he put the masters out. 4. The foreman was caught very responsible, although to be honest at the first opinion, we thought that everything, we were mistaken. Not to celebrate the New Year in our apartment, the foreman is young and inexperienced.
But in fact, he gave a lot of advice, since we did not have a project design. Surprisingly, he did not impose unnecessary or redundant work on us, on the contrary, he even suggested and explained in what places it would be possible to save money, offered interesting solutions 5. All work is strictly according to the estimate, in case of discrepancy with the estimate (solely for objective reasons) - approval. 6. Accuracy of work. 7. Timely feedback at all stages of work. 8. Wonderful employees - everyone, from foreman to foreman - are professionals in their field. 9. All work, including the smallest details, is excellent. 10. And the biggest plus, payment by card on the spot. As a result, nice bonuses in the form of cashback from the bank.
But here it is, a miracle happened))
Approximately in the middle of the repair, it turned out that one of the foremen had stopped communicating - he had gone on a spree. Well, this happens all the time, but the fact that the foreman was able to find a replacement promptly, without prejudice to the process, is, in turn, an indicator!
Bottom line. The estimate has grown quite a bit, and then based on our additional wishes. The whole process of work is at the foreman. From garbage disposal to material delivery. Timing. It is most important. Under the agreement until 12/30/2019. Today is 03.12.2019. And we have already received our apartment with a finished renovation! I want to express my gratitude for the excellent work of the foreman Dmitry and his team. Thank you very much! I repeat once again that all these people are real professionals with whom it is pleasant to deal. I will use the services again, and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
I wish you success. Happy New Year!!!
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Contract number 17606651 dated May 31, 2020. The company disassembled, overhauled the nursery and redesigned it, the pantry into the dressing room, the repairs were done in parallel with the built-in furniture, the wallpaper had to be re-glued behind the built-in furniture, the Domeo employees corrected and completed the shortcomings of others, they also re-installed all the electrics and light.
Dmitry Kharistov
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We bought a new completely naked studio apartment. Initially, there were no walls, no communications, nothing else. Of the many companies, they decided to turn to Domeo. From the first meeting, this is only positive. Measurers and estimators quickly calculated everything, provided us with the final plan with the full accounted amount, which, according to their assurances, will not change during the repair process. We signed the necessary papers and the process began. What I want to highlight from the pros. I liked the ideas of the designer very much. It was successful to zone the entire space. There is, of course, a kitchen and dining area, a relaxation area with a sofa and a monitor, and my husband and I have a personal space area with space for a laptop. Different places for storing things have been thought out, which I could not even imagine. Each thing has its place, i.e. a mess is excluded. Appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, microwave oven, etc.) are placed compactly and rationally. I understand that on my own I would never have thought of it so well to place it all. The color scheme is also perfectly matched - everything is soft, smooth, there are no flashy blotches. Perfect for such a small space. Bottom line. A 42 sq.m studio apartment was made for us in 46 days. I think it's mega fast. We are very pleased with the result. The price for this quality and speed is quite adequate. Recommended.
Yulia Khvost
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This company is doing the repairs to us for the second time and I trust the guys, the first time was the renovation of the office, now the apartment is overhauled. I know that normal guys work in the brigades, they control them there, monitor discipline, check the quality of work almost every day, and this of course gives a result. The timing is also normal, this time, however, they were delayed for two weeks, but only because we could not find the necessary materials for the bath, in short, not their fault, but the suppliers. And the second point is that there are no one hundred percent advance payments, payment only for the volume of work performed, that is, in stages.
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Finally, we decided to make repairs in the apartment. Of course, it dragged on for a long time, because we did it ourselves, but we didn't have enough strength for the kitchen and bathroom. And then the question became who to hire? They asked friends, but to no avail. Still, they found it through the Internet, looked through the ad, and for a short time the thought called and made an appointment. In the office, we discussed all the nuances and signed an agreement, which indicates the amount and terms of delivery, etc. I liked that it was unnecessary to control every step, we did not buy materials .. All the work progressed quickly, in three weeks we had a ready kitchen and a bathroom. I liked the renovation very much I recommend
Lydia Andreeva
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We have exhnaged the apartments so that the son had a separate apartment. He got a new one, renovated. And my husband and I are more modest, in need of repair. And then the son gives us a gift - he said that he would pay for the repair work. And I've already found a company, Domeo. Our apartment is small, so the designer suggested combining the kitchen and living room. And when I showed how it would look and what colors I chose, I stopped doubting. And rightly so. After renovation work, our apartment has turned into European housing. I've only seen this on TV and in magazines. Beauty from sockets to walls and ceilings. We are very grateful to the masters of this company.
Maria Porotova
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Designer Amina exceeded all our expectations and made a super-cool design project for a studio apartment. Despite the very small area, it turned out to be very comfortable and functional housing. The foreman Alexander and all the workers are great fellows too! Special thanks to Sergey from the technical supervision - I myself do not understand in the repair and his help in accepting the stages was very helpful.
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I cannot say that it is cheap, but without the hassle. Everyone whom he encountered during the renovation process (designer Christina, foreman Evgeny, technical supervision engineer Maxim) are great fellows and good specialists. They were busy with the design project for more than a week - my wife constantly had new Wishlist, but the designer had enough talent and patience to finish what he started. There were no problems with the foreman either - always in touch, reports every day, delivery of stages on schedule. By the way, what they say about narrow specialists is true. Various people were involved in dismantling, electrical, plumbing, finishing. The engineer also pleasantly pleased with his impartiality, found a joint - forced to redo it. The quality of the work suited it - it turned out to be stylish and seemingly not even a budget repair. Thank you all involved and all the best to you!

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I liked how Domeo treats financial matters. The cost of materials and work is fixed in the contract, you give an advance payment only for the purchase of materials (you can buy it yourself, but they are decently cheaper), you pay for the work in stages. If the cost of the work grows in the end, it is only because in the process some unaccounted wishlist appeared, and if not, then you will pay a ruble to a ruble according to the estimate. For the rest, they are also great - Slavic brigades, each stage is done by narrow specialists, the foreman sends photo reports every other day, gives all the documents for the return of the tax deduction. Previously, I always believed that repairs could not be done without hassle, but it turns out that it is quite possible. I will recommend you if someone I know wants to make repairs.
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My husband and I are very pleased with the repairs from a team of craftsmen from the Domeo company. The time has come for repairs, as we did not postpone this business. The renovation was scheduled for major, since nothing was done for 10 years for sure. I came across an advertisement for a Domeo repair company on the Internet. We signed a contract with them. Our turnkey repair. When we arrived from the dacha to take work, they did not recognize the apartment. Everything is neatly and beautifully done, everything is tidied up. I recommend the masters from Domeo.
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Cooperated with this company when they were doing repairs in our office. The company is wonderful - clear, punctual, high quality! I liked that at the very beginning we discussed everything, and their employee was done exactly according to plan, without any frills, employees' own vision, etc. We drew up a project together, and we dictated the conditions, told us how we needed, and Domeo's employees did everything exactly to the smallest detail. I could look at the work done every day, even the cameras were installed, and I had the opportunity to observe the work from any place! We did the repairs in "bushes" - first the eastern part of the office, then the western one, so that our company could not stop its work process. The repairs did not interfere with my employees at all. The workers were very careful - apart from the repair dirt, there was nothing else. But she was also removed very quickly. The finished office was commissioned almost on time - the delay was only for a couple of days, but I saw that the guys worked in excess of the norm in recent days, so a huge respect to them! The company was engaged in the purchase of materials, and I can assure you that we received only high quality materials. A good guarantee is provided for the work, but seeing the result, I am sure that we will not need it!
Victor Anatolievich
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For myself and my husband, that if we make repairs in the apartment, then it is already major and we will only turn to specialists, even if it will cost a pretty penny. We chose two repair companies for ourselves and already at the first stage of creating the design project, we chose Domeo. Their designer immediately managed to understand what we want and recreate it in a 3D model, we quickly agreed on it, then made an estimate and signed a contract. The repair lasted three months, there were some difficulties with the electrician, but in the end everything was done as it should. We liked how the company works, in addition to everything they still give a guarantee for their work, and if any breakdowns come out, they fix them free of charge.
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Since my husband's work is connected with constant business trips, the housekeeping is entirely my responsibility. Redevelopment and repairs in the hall also had to be done alone. The husband gave money and said to find a good team. I was very worried, I did not want to run into a group of hackers, therefore, first of all, I paid attention not to the description of the services of the teams themselves, but to the customer reviews about them. That's how I came to the Domeo company. I was probably one of the most scrupulous clients, since during the renovation I regularly took part in the acceptance of the work performed together with an employee of their department. As a result, the guys did everything as originally planned: the room was conditionally divided into 2 zones (recreation and study) with an individual design for each zone. I'm glad that I managed to save free space, the room is not cramped. I have already sent my husband pictures of the hall after the renovation, he liked it, now he wants to return home as soon as possible in order to take a closer look at everything.
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I don't really like to write all kinds of reviews, but sometimes I am ready to violate my principles, especially if the company deserves it. This is what I mean by Domeo. It's nice to deal with such responsible guys. No blockages in time, no poorly performed work. All in essence. Each stage of the work on the repair and decoration of our bedroom and hall, I went along with an employee of the technical supervision department, coordinated and approved. And thanks for the valuable advice that the guys gave me on the choice of materials for repair, which is better, better and more durable, I am a complete layman in this matter and I would obviously not have figured it out myself.
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The measurer arrived on the same day, discussed with him all the nuances of the upcoming repair, made an estimate and signed a contract. The design project was almost ready, but nevertheless, thanks to the designer Tatyana for bringing it to mind. I liked that they do not take any prepayments for the work - the calculation is strictly after the delivery / acceptance of the stage. There was no way to personally control how things were going, since in their company the quality is controlled by people from the technical control department. The renovation was completed a little later than the agreed date, but this was not their fault - the bathroom tiles were ordered from Italy and the supplier let them down. The renovation turned out to be just excellent - exactly as we imagined. I definitely recommend this company - it is hardly possible to find the best value for money in Moscow.
Mikhailov N.B.
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They work conscientiously and even if you wish, you will not find anything to complain about. A three-ruble note that was killed in the trash that was handed over to business travelers for the last 10-12 years made comfortable housing in which it is pleasant to be. And for the money it came out acceptable, taking into account the expensive materials. I join the good reviews and definitely recommend this company to everyone who is interested in high-quality repairs for adequate money. The only caveat is that the materials are not delivered at a clearly appointed time, but in the range of several hours. Because of this, I managed several times so that I had to stay at the apartment longer than planned and because of this, important meetings were postponed. But this is sheer trifles compared to what you can get yourself into when you entrust repairs to just about anyone.
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We had a major overhaul of a 2-room apartment. The state was simply catastrophic, it seemed that it was impossible to bring this horror back to normal. But I was very lucky that two brothers, Egor and Sergey, worked at my facility. Wonderful handy, experienced, caring guys. I was always in touch with them, always ready to help with advice on what to do best, how to save money without loss in quality. The result is a complete delight in their work. Everything is neat, even and most importantly on time, despite the quarantine and difficulties sometimes getting there and buying materials on time. But there was always a way out and the work continued in full force. I am very glad that it was they who worked together with the foreman Radik, who is always positive and active. I wish them good luck and more satisfied customers. I recommend 100% of these guys from the Domeo company.
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